Conventional land administration system design and implementation is often government and project driven. New work argues systems could be made far more sustainable by focusing on end-users and developing attractive market offerings with regards to land administration services (Magis and Zevenbergen, 2014) – particularly in the post- establishment phase. Importantly, its4land embraces the new thinking: WP8 is dedicated to developing sustainable business models for the dissemination and commercialization of the land tenure recording technology suite. Using results from WP2, and in parallel with WP7, the work packages combines actor preferences (local communities, government, investors, and SMEs), with product, place, to define a range of business model scenarios for the different sectors and case contexts. The results of the project will be commercialised and marketed as appropriate, as a product or service, and offered to the public. The work package includes key tasks include business model design, construction of business model, and product launched.