The development of a sustainable business model for the dissemination and commercialization of the land tenure recording technology suite is needed in order to exploit the key results (KER) of the its4land project. These results, which categorized as consultancy services or as software tools, can be offered to the land administration sector in developing countries. They are bundled in the its4land land administration toolbox which consists of the following:

  • Needs Assessment – consultancy services for needs assessment
  • SmartSkeMa – smart sketchmap data collection tool is a tool to record aspects of people to land relationships where the spatial component is captured using hand drawn sketch maps and described in a qualitative way (not surveyed) and then automatically transformed for further usage in a GIS.
  • UAV workflow-Orthophoto Generator – consultancy services for UAV-based data acquisition for land tenure recording.
  • Visible Boundary Delineator – a tool that facilitates image-based cadastral mapping by extracting visible boundaries automatically and by supporting the delineation procedure.
  • Publish and Share Platform for Land Administration Workflows – a system platform with integrated tools to publish and share land information.
  • Governance and Capacity Building – consultancy services to apply the governance and capacity development models for the use of the its4land geospatial tools.

Software tools or consultancy services can be offered separately or jointly, depending on the requirements and the needs. The its4land toolbox is the joint effort of different project partners, academic and private enterprises. Hence marketing and commercialising the toolbox is best undertaken with a new legal entity which needs to be established. On the basis of this commercialisation approach the Lean Business Model is chosen because it is best suited to start-ups and could bring the project results from the Technology Readiness Level 7 – prototyping – to the Technology Readiness Level 9 – the complete operationalization of the actual system.

The business plan which has been developed for the its4land toolbox puts emphasis on the implementers and integrators of the land administration projects as users of the toolbox. These are currently considered to be the entities which can benefit from the innovative tools which the its4land toolbox can deliver.

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