Consultancy services for UAV-based data acquisition for land administration

The consultancy services include guidelines and a customizable workflow for UAV-based data acquisition in the context of land administration. Figure 4 shows the generic workflow of UAV-based data acquisition.  The workflow is designed following a logical approach which facilitates all steps needed to provide up-to-date and high-resolution ortho-imagery as a geospatial source for land information. The first phase includes the study of policy and legal requirements regarding the successful implementation of UAV data acquisition workflows within the context of a concerned country. Outcomes of the statutory prerequisites, technical features as well as characteristics of the application and country context provide the necessary framework to design efficient operational workflows which meet the needs of respective users and/or applications. Workflows encompass the entire operational UAV procedure including flight planning and preparation, data acquisition, data processing and quality assessment. The consultancy services will target surveyors, para-surveyors and experts in the land administration sector. However, government organisations, NGOs, local communities as well as grassroots organisations can also use the guidelines and request consultancy services if they want to capture high-resolution aerial imagery with UAVs for purposes other than land administration.

Generic workflow for UAV-based data acquisition