Hansa Luftbild

HL is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of land administration and land management, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), geodetic, land and cadastre surveying, aerial mapping, and satellite mapping. The company’s range of worldwide activities includes consulting in cadastre, land administration and management, real property registration, GIS software development, aerial photography, digital orthophoto and cadastral mapping, satellite mapping, land surveying, photo in-terpretation, remote sensing and environmental studies, topographic mapping, airborne laser scanning, airborne geophysics and exploration work, as well as graphical data processing, and digital cartography. In addition, the group provides consultancy services in all of these activities. HL has a long standing experience in developing land administration systems (LAS) both in developing and more developed contexts.

HL will contribute during the needs assessment (WP2) by providing access to its Ethiopian network and extensive knowledge in ICT requirement gathering activities. In addition, HL has developed and implemented land administration systems in several countries including Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ukraine and Germany. The systems use techniques including aerial photography for identifying visual boundaries, surveying for quantitative data capturing, and analogue cadastre documents for legal aspects. This expertise will support activities in both WP3 and WP4: the company will provide its skill and knowledge in the adaptation of the Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) to fit with the sketch map data model and UAV images. In addition, HL’s open source platform for land administration systems will be utilized and extended: the overall aim of WP6, where HL leads, is to extend the platform for qualitative and community based data including sketch maps and UAV images. The company will develop the system for publishing the mapped and image data.