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Overall, WP6 develops a platform for synthesizing the results from WP 3, 4 and 5. The work package aims at a proof of concept for the platform – including defined actors, use case and workflows. In addition, a system architecture is developed including a functional prototype. Later phases of the innovation process are intended to scale the solution for operation at national levels – similar to the work undertaken by ESRI Rwanda in the development of the Rwandan National Governement’s Land Use Planning Portal. Implementation will consist of a mobile data capturing and processing system, based on sketchmap and UAV airborne imagery inputs, and an implementation of an LADM data model, that will be adapted to enable storage of qualitative descriptions of cadastre relevant spatial land tenure phenomena. Additionally the existing cadastre, based on LADM, developed by HL for the City Administration of Addis Ababa is extended for quantitative boundary descriptions as spatial source.