Technical University of Kenya

TUK was established through the elevation of The Kenya Polytechnic University College (KPUC) to full university status. The technical university is a new type of university in Kenya, whose mandate is to offer higher education in education and research in technology. TUK maintains hands-on land administration degree programs and is actively engaged with local industry through provision of country-wide leadership in technology and innovation. The Government of Kenya designated the institution as the centre of excellence for the Technical Vocational Education and Training. It has an emerging research profile relating to alternative approaches to land administration recording, particularly approaches that are responsive to pastoralist livelihood and take into account climate change adaption. TUK is currently collaborating with a USDA organization called African Development Solutions (ADESO) which is involved in monitoring the movement of livestock in the Northern Kenya and has been instrumental in digitizing the migration routes mapped mainly from interviews with communities without involving geospatial technologies.

TUK is currently carrying out projects for spatial mapping and planning for most County Governments in Kenya. They are currently working for; Kirinyaga County, Kilifi County and Tharaka Nthi County. Dr Wayumba is the lead consultant in all these mapping operations and guides the entire preparation of base maps from planning, property valuation, and investment analysis. In its4land, TUK’s expertize is utilized in phase 1 2, and 3. It acts as a project stakeholder hub in Kenya. Like INES and BDU in their respective country contexts, TUK enables scaling and dissemination activities. Specifically, TUK is engaged on WP2 to enable smooth access to the Kenyan stakeholder networks including government, community, and private sector actors. It will also assist in the design of data collection instruments, and subsequent roll-out. For WP3, 4, and 6, TUK will assist in site selection, take part in UAV training, and execute components of the prototyping and demonstration activities. TUK participates in WP7 and 8 in an advisory and dissemination role.