103, 2018

World Bank Land and Poverty Conference 2018

March 1st, 2018|0 Comments

What: Land and Poverty Conference 2018: Land Governance in an Interconnected World Where: World Bank, Washington, DC, United States When: 19-23 March, 2018 Who: Serene Ho from KU Leuven and Malumbo Chipofya and colleagues from Muenster University (WWU) What: The its4land team is once [...]

2302, 2018

Its4land goes to FIG congress in Istanbul

February 23rd, 2018|0 Comments

What: Acceptance of two FIG abstracts When: for FIG conference, 6-11 May, 2018, Instanbul, Turkey Who: Koeva et al. and Stöcker et al. Why: Koeva et al.: “Its4land - Challenges and Opportunities in Developing Innovative Geospatial Tools for Fit-For-Purpose Land Rights [...]

2202, 2018

3rd Annual Land Conference by Bahir Dar University

February 22nd, 2018|0 Comments

What: 3rd Annual Land Conference - conference theme: Promoting an evidence-based Land Administration System in Ethiopia When: 15-16 May, 2018 Who: The Institute of Land Administration of Bahir Dar University Why: Call for abstract submission

2401, 2018

LANDac 2018

January 24th, 2018|0 Comments

What:  LANDac 2018 - Land Governance for Equitable and Sustainable Development Where: Utrecht, Netherlands When: 28-29 June, 2018  

2301, 2018

FOSS4G-Europe 2018

January 23rd, 2018|0 Comments

What:  FOSS4G-Europe 2018 Where:  Guimarães, Portugal, When: 17-19 July, 2018

2011, 2017

Conference on Land Policy in Africa (CLPA-2017)

November 20th, 2017|0 Comments

What:  Conference on Land Policy in Africa (CLPA-2017) Where: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia When: 14-17 November, 2017 Who: Robert Wayumba, University of Kenya and Peter Odwe, Ardhi University What: The article 'Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Strengthening Land Rights for the Youths in [...]

2610, 2017

NCG Symposium 2017

October 26th, 2017|0 Comments

What:  NCG Symposium 2017 (Dutch Centre for Geodesy and Geo-informatics) Where: Technical University Delft, Netherlands When: 2 November, 2017 Who: Mila Koeva What: Mila will give a presentation on its4land    

2006, 2017

UAV-g 2017

June 20th, 2017|0 Comments

What: UAV-g 2017 - International Conference on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Geomatics Where: Bonn, Germany When: 4 - 7 September, 2017 Who: Sophie Crommelinck, University of Twente, Netherlands Why: Scientific conference on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) regarding recent developments and future directions of UAVs in geomatics research, [...]

606, 2017

Drones East Africa 2017

June 6th, 2017|0 Comments

What: Drones East Africa Conference 2017 Where: Nairobi, Kenya When: 20 - 21 June, 2017 Who: Connie Schmidt, Esri, Rwanda Why: To attended the conference to get up-to-date on the status and development of drone  regulations and legislation in East Africa.

2505, 2017

ISPRS Hannover Workshop

May 25th, 2017|0 Comments

What: ISPRS Workshop Where: Hannover, Germany When: 6 - 9 June, 2017 Who: Sophie Crommelinck, University of Twente/ITC, Netherlands Why: To attend the workshop to share the progress on its4land work package 5: 'Automate It',  which aims to exploit the imagery captured in the UAV [...]

1505, 2017

FIG working week 2017

May 15th, 2017|0 Comments

What: FIG working week 2017 Where: Helsinki, Finland When: 29 May-2 June 2017 Who: Ine Buntinx, University of Leuven, Belgium Why: presentation on its4land: 'Implementing Innovative Land Tenure Tools In East-Africa: SWOT-Analysis Of Land Governance'.

1505, 2017

IST-Africa 2017 Conference

May 15th, 2017|0 Comments

What: IST-Africa 2017 Conference Where: Windhoek, Namibia When: 31 May-2 June 2017 Who: John Horn Why: presentation on its4land project

1503, 2017

its4land team heads to World Bank

March 15th, 2017|0 Comments

What: Annual World Bank Conference on Land and Poverty Where: Washington D.C., United States When: 19-21 March 2017 Who: Tarek Zein, Rohan Bennett, Jaap Zevenbergen, Joep Crompvoets, Serene Ho Why: Present 2 papers on its4land content; Update and advice sessions with Advisory Board; Deliver an its4land [...]

1103, 2017

WP4 – UAV comparisons and GCP tests

March 11th, 2017|0 Comments

What: The UT WP4 team flew the area around the monastery Gerleve together with Dirk Ohnsorge  - the pilot from HansaLuftbild. The weather was perfect – sunny and no wind. The area is a bit undulated – so a really nice [...]

703, 2017

WP4 – its4land @ Responsible Robotics Event

March 7th, 2017|0 Comments

What: Responsible Robotics - International Workshop Panels and Policy Drafting - http://responsiblerobotics.org/humanitarian-drones-wrapup/ Where: Den Haag, Netherlands When: 7th and 8th March 2016 Who: Claudia Stoecker Why: Presenting lessons from its4land and its use of UAVs in developing contexts to the 'Responsible Robotics' community - and taking [...]

203, 2017

The 6th Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) Workshop

March 2nd, 2017|0 Comments

What: The 6th Land Administration Domain Model (LADM) Workshop Where: Technical University in Delft, The Netherlands When: 16-17 March 2017 Who: Mila Koeva, Carline Amsing Why: 2 presentations on its4land content: 'Remote sensing data for boundary extraction' by Mila Koeva, and 'Linking new survey [...]

2602, 2017

WP3 – Smart Sketchmap Data Capture

February 26th, 2017|0 Comments

What: WP3 Kenyan Data Capture Where: Kajiado and Nairobi, Kenya When: 26th February to 10th March Who: Malumbo Chipofya, Jan Sahib, Gordon Wayumba, Robert Wayumba, Peter Odwe, and a whole host of others Why: Dialogue and data capture with local communities to support [...]

2602, 2017

WP2 – Kenyan ‘Get Needs’ Fieldwork

February 26th, 2017|0 Comments

What: WP2 Kenyan Fieldwork Where: Kajiado and Nairobi, Kenya When: 26th February to 10th March Who: Serene Ho, Gordon Wayumba, Robert Wayumba, Peter Odwe, and a whole host of others Why: Fieldwork for needs assessment in Kajiado case locations with local communities - and also [...]

3101, 2017

WP4 – UAV Exploitation & Dissemination

January 31st, 2017|0 Comments

What: its4land MT9 Where: Aamsveen, Germany When: 31st January 2017 Who: Claudia Stoecker, Watse Siderius, Mila Koeva, + 23 student MSc participants from Rwanda, Ethiopia, Ghana, China, Nepal, amongst many others Why: Flight planning and data capture trials for DT-18 UAVs to support prototyping [...]

2301, 2017

WP2 ‘Get Needs’ finalises in Rwanda

January 23rd, 2017|0 Comments

What: WP2 - Get Needs - Rwandan Workshops and Data Collection Where: Kigali, Rwanda When: 23rd January 2017 - 2 February 2017 Who: Serene Ho, Mireille Biraro, and Team-INES Why: Serene Ho took the reigns of WP2 back in July and has worked furiously to adapt [...]

2001, 2017

WP4 Flew and Created – DT-18s get to work

January 20th, 2017|0 Comments

What: WP4 UT-team captures first data with DT-18s Where: Aamsveen, Germany When: January 20 2017 Who: Claudia Stocker (UT), Watse Siderius (UT) Why: After the arrival in December 2016, the UT UAVs got their maiden flights on January 20 in Aamsveen, Germany. The UAV regulatory [...]

901, 2017

WP4 Kenyan and Ethiopian UAV Training, Toulouse, France

January 9th, 2017|0 Comments

What: UAV Pilot Training 4 BDU, TUK, and HL Where: Toulouse, France (Delair Tech Headquarters) When: Monday 9th - Friday 13th - January 2017 Who: Berhanu Alemie, Robert Wayumba, Peter Odwe, Dirk Ohnsorge Why: We need to get pilots trained on the DT-18s - who [...]

1312, 2016

WP4 UAVs hit UT (…not literally)

December 13th, 2016|0 Comments

What: UAVs arrive @ UT Where: Enschede, Netherlands When: 13th December 2016 Who: Claudia Stocker, Francesco Nex, and Sophie Crommelinck Why: As part of WP4, Fly and Create, UT also takes possession of the same model UAV, a Delair Tech DT-18, that will be used by [...]

2511, 2016

Kenya – High-Level Land Administration Delegation Visits its4land @ Enschede

November 25th, 2016|0 Comments

What: High-Level Delegation of Kenyan Land Administrators Visit its4land @ Enschede Where: Enschede, Netherlands When: Wednesday November 30 2016 Who: Institute of Surveyors Kenya, Kenyan Ministry of Land and Physical Planning, National Land Commission, and Council of Governors (Stephen O. Ambani, Eunice N. [...]

1211, 2016

Rwanda – UAV Training Course 4 Land and Natural Resources

November 12th, 2016|0 Comments

What: Rwanda - UAV Training Course Where: Kigali, Musanze When: October 30 - November 12 2016 Who: Mireille Biraro (INES), Francesco Nex (UT), Rohan Bennett (UT), Anton Vreiling (UT), + 20 ITC alumni Why: In a side-project, closely linked with its4land, INES and UT teamed [...]

1011, 2016

Kenya – ‘Get Needs’ Fieldwork Underway

November 10th, 2016|0 Comments

What: Kenya - Needs Exploration Where: Nairobi and Kajiado When: October 30 - November 10 2016 Who: Serene Ho (KUL), Ine Buntinx (KUL), Gordon Wayumba (TUK), Robert Wayumba (TUK), Peter Odwe (TUK) Why: Serene and Ine from KUL, along with Gordon Wayumba, Robert Wayumba and Peter [...]

3110, 2016

Rwanda – ‘Get Needs’ Fieldwork Underway

October 31st, 2016|0 Comments

What: Rwanda - Needs Gathering and Training Course Where: INES Ruhender, Musanze, Rwanda When: October 30 - November 10 2016 Who: Serene Ho (KUL), Ine Buntinx (KUL), Francesco Nex (UT), Rohan Bennett (UT), Mireille Biraro (INES), Placide (INES), Fabian H (INES), Berhanu Alemi [...]

1010, 2016

WP4 – Training, UAVs, Delair Tech, Toulouse

October 10th, 2016|0 Comments

What: UAV training 4 its4land staff Where: Toulouse, France When: October 10-14 2016 Who: Claudia Stocker (UT), Watse Siderius (UT), Connie S (ESRI), Placide N (INES) Why: Training of trainers. its4land staff from WP4 are getting a full week of exposure to workflows, [...]

610, 2016

WP2 – Workshop on Research Instruments and Applications

October 6th, 2016|0 Comments

What: WP2 Where: Leuven, Belgium When: Thursday 06 October (whole day) Who: Serene Ho (KUL), Joep Crompvoets (KUL), Bruno Broucker (KUL), Valerie Pattyn (Leiden), Ine Buntinx (KUL), Rohan Bennett (UT), Markus Gerke (UT), Claudia Stocker (UT), Sophie Crommelinck (UT), Carline Amsing (UT), Tarek [...]

709, 2016

WP4 Seminar – Fly and Create Mini-Kick Off & PhD Qualifier

September 7th, 2016|0 Comments

What: Fly and Create (Mini-Kick Off & PhD Qualifier) Where: Enschede, Netherlands When: September 07 2016 Who: Claudia Stoecker (UT), Francesco Nex (UT), Rohan Bennett (UT), George Vosselman (UT) Why: 'Fly and Create' - Work Package 4 - officially started booking hours [...]

109, 2016

WP5 Seminar – Automate It Mini-Kick Off & PhD Qualifier

September 1st, 2016|0 Comments

What: Automate It (Mini-Kick Off & PhD Qualifier) Where: Enschede, Netherlands When: September 01 2016 Who: Sophie Crommelinck (UT), Michael Yang (UT), Rohan Bennett (UT), George Vosselman (UT) Why: 'Automate It' officially started booking hours on August 01. Key researcher, Sophie Crommelinck, has been with [...]

3007, 2016

Kenya – Field Visit from WP3

July 30th, 2016|0 Comments

Field visit to Kenya yields valuable insights for smart sketch maps solution From 25th July 2016 to 29th July 2016, Technical University of Kenya (TUK), the Kenyan partners in the its4land consortium, hosted researchers from the University of Muenster, Hansaluftbild, [...]

2507, 2016

Kenya – Kick-Off Meet & Greet

July 25th, 2016|0 Comments

What: its4land kick-off meet and greet event with Kenyan end-users and beneficiaries Where: Narok and Kisumu, Kenya When: July 2016 (TBC) Who: Gordon and Robert Wayumba (Technical University of Kenya), Joep Crompvoets (KU Lueven) and Monica Lengoiboni (University of Twente), and its4land stakeholders Why: Network and stakeholder building, case sensitisation, [...]

407, 2016

WP4 UAV Trials – Germap

July 4th, 2016|0 Comments

What: UAV Trials - Germap Where: Amtsvenn, Germany When: 4th July 2016 Who: Claudia Stoecker (UT) Why: ‘Fly and Create’ – Work Package 4 – is checking out the most fit-for-purpose UAV options for the planned work in Ethiopia, Rwanda, and Kenya. We're feeding in [...]

3006, 2016

WP4 UAV Trials – Delair Tech

June 30th, 2016|0 Comments

What: UAV Trials - Germap Where: Toulouse, Germany When: 28th and 29th June 2016 Who: Claudia Stoecker (UT), Markus Gerke (UT) Why: ‘Fly and Create’ – Work Package 4 – is checking out the most fit-for-purpose UAV options for the planned work [...]

2605, 2016

Rwanda – its4land/EALAN Collaboration

May 26th, 2016|0 Comments

What: East African Land Administration Network  (EALAN) - Research Strategy & Workplan Writeshop Where: Musanze, Rwanda When: 23-27 May Who: Mireille Biraro  (INES), Robert Wayumba (TUK), Daniel Ambaye (BDU), Rohan Bennett (UT), and Monica Lengoiboni (UT) Why: We're helping out with the creation of a [...]

305, 2016

its4land @ FIG2016

May 3rd, 2016|0 Comments

What: International Federation of Surveyors - 2016 Working Week Where: Christchurch, New Zealand When: 1-5 May 2016 Who: Rohan Bennett (University of Twente) Why: Rohan will showcase its4land on a presentation on knowledge chain innovation. More: FIG2016

2004, 2016

Rwanda – Kick-Off Meet & Greet

April 20th, 2016|0 Comments

What: its4land kick-off meet and greet event with Rwandan end-users and beneficiaries Where: Musanze District, Rwanda When: 23-25 April 2016; 23-27 May 2016 Who: Mireille Biraro (INES), Joep Crompvoets (KU Lueven), Rohan Bennett and Monica Lengoiboni (University of Twente), and its4land stakeholders Why: Network and stakeholder building, case sensitisation, [...]

2004, 2016

Ethiopia – Kick-Off Meet & Greet

April 20th, 2016|0 Comments

What: its4land kick-off meet and greet event with Ethiopian end-users and beneficiaries Where: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia When: 23-25 April 2016 Who: Berhanu Alemie (Bahir Dar), Joep Crompvoets (KU Lueven) and Tarek Zein (Hansa Luftbild), and its4land stakeholders Why: Network and stakeholder building, case sensitisation, reconnaissance, [...]

2004, 2016

its4land @ UN-GGIM

April 20th, 2016|0 Comments

What: Fourth High Level Forum on United Nations Global Geospatial Information Management Where: UNECA’s Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia When: 20-22 April 2016 Who: Joep Crompvoets (KU Lueven) and Tarek Zein (Hansa Luftbild) Why: Joep will present an overview of its4land [...]

2602, 2016

Meeting – its4land Official Kick Off

February 26th, 2016|0 Comments

What: its4land Official Kick-Off Meeting Where: ITC, University of Twente, Enschede When: Friday 26th February 2016, 8:30 - 17:00 Who: All project beneficiaries and selected stakeholder groups, including EC representation Why: To get its4land underway!

202, 2016

Meeting – WP2 Special Kick-Off

February 2nd, 2016|0 Comments

What: Work Package 2 'Get Needs' Special Kick-Off Meeting Where: ITC, University of Twente, Enschede When: Tuesday 02 February 2016, 13:00 - 17:00 Who: Led by KUL and participation by all project beneficiaries Why: To get an early start on Work Package 2 'Get [...]