element-polygon-CMYK2We’re creating seven new tools to make land rights mapping faster, cheaper, easier, and more responsible

Get Needs

A tool for sharing, understanding and visualising what users really need

Determine the requirements of diverse stakeholder groups

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Draw and Make

A tool that converts hand drawn sketches into computer-ready boundary maps

Use hand drawn sketches to make land tenure mapping more friendly

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Fly and Create

A boutique imagery creation tool tailored for land rights mapping - anywhere, anytime

Embed unmanned aerial vehicles into your land tenure mapping processes

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Automate it

A tool that discovers visible boundaries hidden in imagery, and converts them to usable land rights information

Let intelligent software identify potential land tenure boundaries

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Publish and Share

A tool for simplifying land rights information processing, storage, and visualization

A robust cloud-based land tenure storage solution

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Govern and Grow

A governance and capacity development tool aimed at making land rights mapping sustainable

Ensure land tenure mapping solutions are embedded responsibly, and are here for the long haul

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A tool that ensures land rights mapping solutions are financially sustainable - and more than just 'pie in the sky'

Convert innovative land rights mapping solutions into viable business models

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