Below you’ll find all the its4land projects Deliverables. When they’re ready a weblink is provided: simply click your way through to the relevant report, prototype, or demonstrator. Some Deliverables are ‘living’ and will be updated throughout the life of the project. Other Deliverables are considered confidential by the European Commission, so we’re unable to provide the live link (marked with *).

Work Package 1 – Project Management

Work Package 2 – Get Needs

Work Package 3 – Draw and Make

Work Package 4 – Fly and Create

Work Package 5 – Automate It

  • D5.1 SAFE 4 LA – Technical Overview
  • D5.2 SAFE 4 LA – Software Prototype

Work Package 6 – Publish and Share

  • D6.1 Mobile Image Processing Platform
  • D6.2 Mobile Qualitative Data Processing Platform
  • D6.3 Extended Cadastral Database with Qualitative Spatial References
  • D6.4 Land Tenure Dissemination and Integration Tool
  • D6.5 Training Manuals

Work Package 7 – Govern and Grow

  • D7.1 Governance Definition Review
  • D7.2 Capacity Development Models Review
  • D7.3 Governance and Capacity Models 4 LA
  • D7.4 Application of Governance and Capacity Models
  • D7.5 Scalable Governance and Capacity Models 4 LA

Work Package 8 – Capitalise

  • D8.1 Business Models 4 its4land
  • D8.2 Launch of its4land Products and Services

Work Package 9 – Ethics

  • D9.1 Protection of Personal Data – Approvals*
  • D9.2 Human Participants – Information Consent Procedures*
  • D9.3 Protection of Personal Data – Informed Consent Procedures*
  • D9.4 Protection of Personal Data – Data Collection, Storage, Retention, Protection, and Destruction*
  • D9.5 Non EU Countries – Advice and Approvals*
  • D9.6 Protection of Personal Data – Justification*
  • D9.7 Human Participants – Identifying and Selecting*