Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet Muenster 

The University of Muenster (WWU), founded in 1773, is one of the largest universities in Germany with 40,800 students. Its 15 departments cover most of the scientific disciplines. The Institute for Geoinformatics (IFGI) is part of the GeoSciences faculty. It is one of the world-leading research institutes in Geographic Information Science. Its research areas include, amongst others, spatial intelligence, spatial learning, geospatial statistics, spatial computation, and situated interaction.

WWU has long-standing experience with using sketch map as source of spatial information. In a project called “SketchMapia”, WWU explored how people sketch survey maps of neighborhoods of European cities and how sketched information can be elicited and compared to existing city maps. The project explored (i) cognitive aspects – what spatial aspects in sketch maps are reliable and accurate, (ii) representational aspects – explore the necessary qualitative representations to formalize these spatial aspects, and (iii) alignment of sketched spatial information with spatial information from city maps. These experiences mean WWU is well placed to exploit the outputs of SketchMapia in the domain of land tenure recording. For this reason, it leads WP3 and plays an active role in transferring its lessons into WP6.