What: its4land – European Commission Interim Review Year 1

Where: Brussels, Belgium

When: October 07 2016

Who: Georges Lobo (EC), Koen Meuleman (KUL), Dubravka Sladić (Novi Sad), Rohan Bennett (UT), Markus Gerke (UT), John Horn (UT), Serene Ho (KUL), Joep Crompvoets (KUL), Carl Schultz (WWU), Tarek Zein (HL)

Why: An initial meet, greet, overview, state-of-play, and review of its4land in the EC context. A full day of presentations, discussions, and critical analysis.

Feedback: A successful day. Good interactions. We’re on track as we move into a really important phase of the project. Thanks to our reviewers and the EC for organising.