What: its4land Advisory Board meeting

Where: University of Twente/ITC, Enschede, Netherlands and via Skype

When: 7 November, 2017


Advisory Board members:
Judy Kariuki (United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA)), Michael Nagenborg (University of Twente), Matt Delano (Trimble), Frank Pichel (Cadasta), Kees de Zeeuw (Dutch Kadaster), Markus Gerke (TU Braunschweig), Rohan Bennett (Swinburne business school), Grenville Barnes (University of Florida)
Its4land team: Serene Ho, Tarek Zein, Sahib Jan, Christian Timm, Ine Buntinx, Placide Nkerabigwi, Sophie Crommelinck, Claudia Stöcker, Mila Koeva, Petra Weber, Chiel Stroeven


The aim of the meeting was to provide AB members with information on the main points, key findings and current problems per Work Package (WP). Furthermore, the AB members were asked for their opinion, suggestions or advice on topics like profiling of the  technologies under development, market opportunities, whether to integrate components or not, and prototyping to show potential users that our technology works. The fruitful discussions lead to follow up action points and the wish from both AB members and its4land team, to meet more frequently, i.e. 3 times per year.