What: WP4 UT-team captures first data with DT-18s

Where: Aamsveen, Germany

When: January 20 2017

Who: Claudia Stocker (UT), Watse Siderius (UT)

Why: After the arrival in December 2016, the UT UAVs got their maiden flights on January 20 in Aamsveen, Germany. The UAV regulatory setup makes it easier for the team from UT to undertake flights in Germany, rather than NL – where tighter controls are in place. Claudia and Watse, trained for 1-week back in October 2016 in Toulouse, France – with the Delair Tech team – successfully setup and flew the DT-18, collecting imagery, first go – no issues. Great signs. Will it be possible to have land tenure mappers – capable of capturing really high quality spatial data – trained in weeks or days, rather than years…?