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//its4land – Period 1 – European Commission Review

its4land – Period 1 – European Commission Review

What: its4land – Period 1 – European Commission Review

Where: Leuven, Belgium

When: 21st April 2017

Who: EC Review Panel, Georges Lobo, its4land MT (and special guests)

Why: A one day review corresponding to the first reporting period took place on Friday, April 21th, 2017, at The Leuven Institute for Ireland in Europe, in Leuven. During this workday the first year of project activities were analysed and commented. Specifically, the focus was on the second half of the year that was not under previous review. For the period under check and in accordance with the DoA, the project has produced 3 deliverables and reached 3 milestones, of which one is a periodic report to the EU. The other 2 deliverables are:

  • D2.4 – Field data results
  • D4.1 – Manual for regulation practice per target country regarding land tenure recording using UAVs

A resubmitted deliverable from the previous reviewing period was D2.3 – Field data collection instruments

The overall assessment, taken from the EU Expert Report, was fairly positive: ‘Project has achieved most of its objectives and milestones for the period with some minor deviations’. The its4land project team will now work on implementing the recommendations defined in the Expert Report, to further improve the project’s performance.

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