What: Kenya – Needs Exploration

Where: Nairobi and Kajiado

When: October 30 – November 10 2016

Who: Serene Ho (KUL), Ine Buntinx (KUL), Gordon Wayumba (TUK), Robert Wayumba (TUK), Peter Odwe (TUK)

Why: Serene and Ine from KUL, along with Gordon Wayumba, Robert Wayumba and Peter Odwe (TUK), visited key land tenure stakeholders and sites in Nairobi and Kajiado – as they commenced Kenyan exploratory data collection activities for WP2 Get Needs. The week-long visit involved exploratory meet and greets with international agencies (UN-Habitat, GLTN), government officials, NGOs, and academia. The KUL team will recombine with TUK in early 2017 to extend and finalise the data capture activities.