[its4land] team members and project stakeholders, totalling 29 participants, converged on Enschede, Netherlands, home of the ITC Faculty of the University of Twente – on 26th February 2016, to kick-off the project. Georges Lobo, the European Commission Project Officer was present, along with ITC Manager Director – Erna Leurink – who got proceedings underway. Mireille Biraro (Rwanda), Berhanu Alemie (Ethiopia), Gordon Wayumba (Kenya), Kaspar Kundart (Rwanda), and Monica Lengoiboni (Kenya) set the scene with outlines of the key land tenure challenges in specific case locations across the countries. ¬†Following a broad [its4land] overview, in terms of ambitions and impact, from Project Coordinator (Rohan Bennett / John Horn) – the team set out unpacking work pages. Joep Crompvoets and his team from KU Leuven covered the lynch-pin ‘Get Needs’ work program. Angela Schwering and Carl Shultz, WWU Munster, provided an overview of the potential power of smart sketchmaps in ‘Draw and Make’. UAVs – ‘Fly and Create’ and Feature Extraction – ‘Automate it’ were delivered by new PhDs Claudia Stocker and Sophie Crommelink, from University of Twente. Christian Timm, Hansa Luftbild, introduced the second lynch pin work page – ‘Publish and Share’. ‘Govern and Grow’ and ‘Capitalize’ were introduced by Joep Crompvoets and and Tarek Zein of Hansa Luftbild.