What: Tool Interface Workshop 2.0 for WP3, WP4, WP5, and WP6

Where: Enschede, Netherlands

When: October 24 2016

Who: Malumbo Chipofya (WWU), Carl Schulz (WWU), Claudia Stocker (UT), Rohan Bennett (UT), Christian Timm (HL), Tarek Zein (HL), Sophie Crommelinck (ITC), Esther Hondebrink (ITC), Michael Yang (ITC), Markus Gerke (ITC)

Why: As part of a regular meeting pattern, we’re getting together to discuss the interactions and interfaces between several of our more technical its4land tools. We’ll be discussing the recent updates to each WP, planned data capture approaches for upcoming fieldwork, and the development of a reference framework for the decoupled tools to follow.