What: Rwanda – Needs Gathering and Training Course

Where: INES Ruhender, Musanze, Rwanda

When: October 30 – November 10 2016

Who: Serene Ho (KUL), Ine Buntinx (KUL), Francesco Nex (UT), Rohan Bennett (UT), Mireille Biraro (INES), Placide (INES), Fabian H (INES), Berhanu Alemi (BDU)

Why: Serene and Ine from KUL, along with Mireille Biraro and Fabian H from INES, visited key land tenure stakeholders and sites in Rwanda – Kigali and Musanze – as they commenced data collection activities for WP2 Get Needs. The week-long visit involved exploratory meet and greets with government officials, NGOs, academia, and community members as national, provincials, district, sector, and cell levels. The work also coincided with the Netherlands Government (NUFFIC) UAV training program – which also included its4land team members from UT and WP4 (Fly and Create) (Francesco Nex and Rohan Bennett). Synergising all three activities – producing user needs data, and training a fleet of UAV experts for the Eastern African region.