What: Research visit GIScience Heidelberg University

Where: Heidelberg, Germany

When: September 2017 – January 2018

Who: Sophie Crommelinck, PhD at University of Twente/ITC for its4land project


To work on her PhD research with input from a different research group: GIScience/Geoinformatics Research Group. She attended weekly jour-fixe meetings of the research group where a wide range of topics were discussed : (openstreetmap, OSM) routing, VGI data analysis/quality, machine learning for RS or GIS data, and LiDAR data processing. Sophie received helpful support on implementing a machine learning approach in Python and on applying it to her data as well as gained other technical insights. She presented and discussed her PhD research at the jour-fixe meeting of the GIScience group as well as in the seminar ‘3D Geodata Processing and Analysis’ led by Bernhard Höfle who supervised her during her research stay and contributed by providing feedback and ideas when needed. Sophie returned to ITC in February to continue her PhD and her work for its4land.