What: Collaboration for WP2

Where: Netherlands and Belgium

When: September 2016 – March 2017

Who: Carline Amsing, Rohan Bennett (UT), Serene Ho (KUL), Malumbo Chipofya (WWU), and Jaap Zevenbergen (UT)

Why: WP2 has jumped at the chance to work with Netherlands-based GIMA MSc student Carline Amsing. In her MSc thesis, Carline is investigating the alignment between the technological opportunities created by smart sketchmaps – and the ability of the ability of the tool to satisfy societal demands for land tenure security and fit-for-purpose land administration. To do this, she needs to understand the perceptions of key stakeholders in the land tenure sector – including those from international agencies, donors, consultants, innovators, academia, and NGOs. This is a perfect fit for WP2 its4land, where the team needs to get an understanding of perceptions and readiness at both community and international level. Carline successfully completed her mid-term in December 2016. Stay tuned for the results in March 2017.