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//its4land – Period 2 – European Commission Review

its4land – Period 2 – European Commission Review

What: its4land – Period 2 – European Commission Review

Where: Brussels, Belgium

When: 16 October 2018

Who: EC Review Panel: F. Boissière, J. Santos with external reviewers K. Meuleman, D. Sladic and J. Kiema (not present), and the its4land team

Why: A one day review corresponding to the second reporting period took place on Tuesday, 16 October 2018 at the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium. During this workday the activities during months 13-30 of the project were analysed and commented. For the period under check and in accordance with the DoA, the project has produced 13 deliverables and reached 13 milestones, of which one is a periodic report to the EU. The other 12 deliverables are:

  • D2.5 – Requirements synthesis
  • D2.6 – Academic Publications
  • D3.1 – Documentation of spatial concepts and terminology
  • D3.2 – Semantic recognition of sketched objects
  • D3.3 – Report on implemented qualitative representations for sketch and
    geo-reference maps
  • D3.4 – Documentation on extended Land Administration Domain Modeling (LADM)
  • D3.5 – Report on the implementation of a matching algorithm for the alignment of sketch
    maps with corresponding cartographic maps
  • D4.2 – Technical report and manual on key flight scenarios
  • D5.1 – Technical report and software prototype on methods to automatically map features in
  • D6.1 – Technical report and software prototype of the mobile image processing system
  • D6.2 – Technical report and software prototype of the mobile qualitative data processing
  • D7.1 – Governance and capacity development definition

The overall assessment, taken from the EU review panel’s feedback during the meeting, regarding the scientific progress was very positive. The last part of the project, also following the EU review panel’s directions in this respect, will be focussed on the implementation of the its4land toolbox in the context of the case countries.

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