What: UAV data collection in Zanzibar

Where: Pemba and Unguja, Zanzibar

When: 31 January – 8 February, 2018

Who: Claudia Stöcker (ITC) with support from WeRobotics Flying Labs Tanzania and Commission of Lands Zanzibar


As the its4land project may not be able to fly the UAV in all case countries (Rwanda, Kenya and Ethiopia), we took the opportunity to link with a World Bank funded UAV mapping initiative (ZMI – Zanzibar Mapping Initiative) in Zanzibar. This cooperation gives us the opportunity to collect UAV data for the its4land project and input for the next deliverable about quality aspects of UAV data. We received a great support for the data collection activities. Especially the help of World Bank, SenseFly, We Robotics flying Labs Tanzania as well as key persons at the Commission of Lands and the State University of Zanzibar made it possible to conduct multiple UAV test flights with the eBee Plus and the collection of many ground control measurements with local equipment.