What: ECPR Winterschool in methods and techniques

Where: Bamberg, Germany

When: 2-9 March

Who: Ine Buntinx (KU Leuven)


During the second week of March Ine was following a short course on qualitative data analyzing with Nvivo and a Master course on qualitative interviewing on the ECPR winterschool in Bamberg.

The Nvivo course was a hands-on course devoted to lectures and exercises with Nvivo. The knowledge and use of this software is needed to organize, analyze and identify relationships within and across different interview data, which will support the development of governance and capacity development models for the use of the its4land tools.

The advanced Master course was focused on improving qualitative interviewing skills. During this course Ine was able to get feedback on a first version of the questionnaire and to discuss particular aspects of qualitative interviewing as a main tool for data collection related to WP7, which will take place in the summer of 2018.