What: Land and Poverty Conference 2019: Catalyzing Innovation

Where:  Washington DC, United States

When: 25-29 March 2019

Who: its4land gave a 90-minutes masterclass  on Friday 29 March as well as three presentations.


Find below the programme of the its4land masterclass that we conducted, the presentations that were given and the videos that were shown.

  • The programme of the its4land masterclass
  • A presentation composed of individual presentations about the its4land tools
  • A video about SmartSkeMa, a sketch based geospatial data recording tool for community mapping
  • A video about a semi‐automatic delineator of visible cadastral boundaries from aerial imagery

You can download the papers through the following links:

  • Claudia Stöcker et al: Evaluation of UAV-based technology to capture land rights in Kenya: displaying stakeholder perspectives through interactive gaming
  • Ine Buntinx et al: Governance frameworks for the sustainable implementation of UAVs in Rwanda.
  • Serene Ho et al: Scaling emerging geospatial technologies for land administration: understanding institutional innovation dynamics through a Technological Innovation System perspective
  • Masterclass: “Its4land” – innovative geospatial tools for fit-for-purpose land rights mapping